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Future Book Concepts

We are interested in your favorite recipes.  They must be original or adaptations you have made to a recipe you found in a cookbook.  If your recipe is from a cookbook, magazine, newspaper, etc. will ask for the appropriate information to reference it. You can submit more than one recipe if you wish.

Let us know your best Hors D’oeuvre.  It can be your favorite party recipe or one you serve guest prior to delivering your incredibly good dinner.

Several of our participants offered us incredible breakfast meals for our first book.  We think this category needs more exploration.  Offer us your most outstanding, scrumptious recipe you serve to the ones you love.

We know that one bakes bread.  But that does not stop us from including it in our cookbooks.  Send any recipe that includes dough.  That includes but is not limited to baked breads, sticky buns, biscuits etc.

The last hurrah after diner is an excellent dessert that takes your guest and family over the top.  Send us your greatest and finest celebration of a successful banquet.

Cultural, religious, national and tribal foods from the world over have been a great treat for us at the Boys That Cook for the Ones They Love.  Let us in on your history and culture expressed through food.  It can be a dish or a complete meal.

Beef, lamb, fowl and pork are staples worldwide.  Game foods are welcome as long as they are relatively easy to find and purchase. (Seafood is a separate category).

This category is specifically devoted to the United States.  In our travels we have discovered that regional food can be and often is stunning to the palette.