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The Author -- John McAlister

John McAlister has enjoyed the art of cooking since he was a young boy helping his mother in the kitchen where she taught him the basics of food preparation.  Throughout his life he has enjoyed cuisines the world over.  From Australia to Europe he has collected recipes and cookbooks to learn the essence of creating a fabulous meal.  Over the years, John learned that other men shared his passion for cooking.  And so was born the idea of creating a cookbook dedicated to the “Boys” that cook for the ones they “Love.”The Author -- John McAlister

He also has a keen interest in photography. He has been behind the camera for over 40 years, and particularly enjoys creating an artistic style with his photography.  His photographs encourage the viewer to participate in the image by stirring personal memories, desires and dreams.  His photography collection is global in scope from Africa, Australia, Europe and across the United States.  Thematically he likes to quote J.R.R. Tolkien; “Not all those who wander are lost.” 

John is a retired executive of a Fortune 500 company, co-author of two books, a writer and publisher. He has practiced Native American spirituality since childhood, and taught storytelling, arts and the use of symbol and ritual in public schools, Arizona State University, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Monash University in Australia and the University of Presov, Slovakia.